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                                           AMERICAN BOARD OF OPTICIANRY  
reparatory Seminar 
                     NO PASS, NO PAY









 I want to teach you the art and science of opticianry.  I want to teach it to you in such a manner that not only will you be able to pass the A.B.O. exam, but you will be able to use these skills to become a better optician.  I am so confident that I can teach you the basics of opticianry in eight hours that I will give you a money back guarantee.  If you are willing to work hard, concentrate and follow my instructions, I know you can pass the A.B.O.  If you do not pass the A.B.O., then I have failed to teach you the basics of opticianry.  The A.B.O. exam is a minimum competency test and in eight hours of seminars you will have obtained this minimum level based upon your present working knowledge in the optical business.  What do you have to lose? 

Do you want to pass the A.B.O.?  I think you do, I know you do, and I will give you a money back guarantee that says you can! 

I know you have invested $225 to take the ABO exam and many of you have taken other study courses to prepair for the exam at considerable expense. If you fail the exam you don't get any of your investment back, so why should you take this course that cost $190? Simple, if you don't pass the exam I'll give you your $190 back.
  Ask yourself: "How much money will I have to pay to take the exam again?" "How much will I loose in bonuses and pay increases until I pass the exam?" and "Can I not afford to take this seminar?"

It is important to me that you pass this exam and become certified.  It is important to all opticianry that we have as many qualified and certified opticians as possible.  For this reason I am offering you my guarantee.  Please call Corinn today at (713) 524-4661 to make reservations or click on the registration page above.  Space is limited and will be handled  reservations on a first come basis.



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